Texas House Committee Assignments

The talk around the Capitol continues to increase regarding when Texas House committee assignments will be announced.  At this point, most believe it will be next Thursday, or early next Friday.  Texas Senate committees were annouced last week, which we have posted here on our blog.

We will also post the full list of Texas House committee assignments when they are officially announced. 

One committee we are watching closely is State Affairs.

Last session, this committee was chaired by a conservative Republican.  So with the Speaker of the House continuing to be a Republican, we expect we’ll see the same type of member chair this committee again.  With the leadership of the past members of this committee and our support, major pro-family, pro-life, and pro-religious liberty bills were passed out of this committee.  We hope to have the same success this time around as well. 

As a reminder, the chairman of a committee has the power to allow or deny a hearing on a bill and to allow or deny a vote on a bill.  So one person can decide if a bill “lives” or “dies.”

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