Texas Democrat Attacks State Board of Education Elections

Once again, Democrat Representative, Donna Howard of Austin, has filed a bill attacking State Board of Education elections.  She wants to ban candidates from listing their party affiliation when they run for state elected office.

Rep. Donna Howard filed this bill last session and it went absolutely nowhere.  It did get a hearing in a House committee but was met with strong opposition by another Democrat, Rep. Alma Allen, whose son Lawrence Allen, sits on the State Board of Education.

Rep. Donna Howard ran for State Board of Education herself, but was unsuccessful.  Rep.  Donna Howard supported two Democrat State Board of Education candidates for the Nov. 2nd election in 2010, Judu Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau.  Both Democrat candidates were soundly defeated by Republican SBOE members Ken Mercer and Marsha Farney.  http://votedonna.com/Content.aspx?p=Update_8.27.10

Rep. Donna Howard also testified before the State Board of Education on during the Social Studies curriculum standards adoption process.  She has been very critical of conservatives on the State Board of Education.  To see the truth about this issue, go to www.juststatethefacts.com

Click here to see an excellent video on the importance of an election State Board of Education.  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vPMTL0fYabM]

See the bill here. http://www.legis.state.tx.us/tlodocs/82R/billtext/pdf/HB00553I.pdf#navpanes=0

You can count on us to make sure this bill does not pass.

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