Texas Association of School Boards Releases Policy Allowing Males in Bathrooms

Austin, TX — January 18, 2023: The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) has released updated policy guidance that allows biological males to use girls’ bathrooms.

Additionally of concern is the fact that TASB is advising schools to “consult their attorneys” instead of following HB 25 law.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values stated:

“The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) continues to impose LGBT rules not required by law on Texas school districts in order to further their radical ideological agenda. This recent policy TASB just released this month puts students, especially young girls in danger. Who knew that TASB would file the first bathroom bill of the legislative session? In 2020, Texas Values sent a letter to all 1200 school districts reminding them that TASB is not a government body and that their LGBT policies do not align with law. We will be fighting this session to make sure we protect our Texas school students from these woke and dangerous policy suggestions.”

Recently, a number of legislators in the Texas House pushed back against this radical TASB policy with a letter to the Texas Attorney General.

TASB states it is unclear whether boys can compete in girls’ sports, despite the passage of HB 25 into law in 2021. Texas Values worked on that initiative, and its counterpart now working its way through the current legislative session to address women’s sports at the collegiate level.

Texas Values opposes allowing males to share intimate spaces with females and will continue its legislative work to this end.


About Texas Values 

Texas Values is the largest statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at txvalues.org.

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