Texans Support Marriage ‘Social Media Storm’

Tuesday, August 5: 10-2:00 PM

Today, a diverse group of state leaders and groups are holding a press conference to show their support for Texas’ effort to defend our marriage laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Many of these groups have filed legal briefs with the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Texas marriage laws this week.

Now we need your help to stand for true marriage in Texas and support the Texas Constitution that defines marriage as one man and one woman!

Here’s what you can do to stand for marriage in Texas:

  1. Sign the Texas Marriage Declaration at TexasMarriageDeclaration.com. If you haven’t already, join with thousands of fellow Texans and declare your support for marriage and for Texas’ right to self-governance.
  1. Join the #1Man1Woman Tweet Storm. From 10-2:00 PM today, join a tweet storm in support of marriage. Please use the #1Man1Woman hashtag and see some suggested tweets below.
  1. Facebook your support for marriage. Share the TexasMarriageDeclaration.com website on your Facebook page today and share some of our marriage graphics. See some images to share below.

Suggested Tweets:

RT to support marriage as #1Man1Woman in #Texas http://texasmarriagedeclaration.com/ #txlege

Thanks @GregAbbott_TX for defending marriage as #1Man1Woman in #Texas #txlege

I stand for marriage and Texas’ right to self-governance #1Man1Woman http://texasmarriagedeclaration.com #txlege

Marriage is the sacred union of #1Man1Woman http://texasmarriagedeclaration.com #txlege

Every child in #Texas deserves a mother and father #1Man1Woman #txlege

Stand for God’s Truth: Marriage is between #1Man1Woman #txlege

Definitions matter. A descent into meaninglessness has been the hallmark of the push to redefine marriage #1Man1Woman #txlege

It’s a terrible abuse of power for a court to abandon the definition of #marriage adopted by the people of #Texas #1Man1Woman

76% of Texans supported #1Man1Woman marriage. Courts should not thwart the will of the #Texas people http://texasmarriagedeclaration.com #txlege

Mandating same-sex marriage by judicial decree will trample the #ReligiousFreedom of Texans #1Man1Woman #txlege

Facebook Share Images (download and share on FB):

Marriage is the sacred union graphic: https://txvalues.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Marriage-wedding-rings-sacred-union-TexasMarriageDec-websiteFB.jpg

Texas Marriage Declaration graphic: https://txvalues.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/texas-marriage-declaration-fb-share-560.jpg

Bible and Marriage rings graphic: https://txvalues.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/marriage-bible-love-FB-with-logo.jpg

Download as a pdf.

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