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November 5, 2012
Late last week, Texas Republican Senator, Dan Patrick submitted a formal Attorney General Opinion request asking if the Texas Constitution prevents governmental entities in Texas from...

Texans Rally in Athens, Say “Don’t Mess with Christmas”

December 21, 2011
Topic: Update , Videos
This past Saturday, an estimated 5,000 Texans rallied to support the Nativity Scene at the Henderson County Courthouse in Athens, Tx. The Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation, who...

War on Christmas comes to Henderson County

December 16, 2011
If Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sounds familiar to you, it’s likely because they are the same atheist group currently behind the attacks on the Tenth...

New York Abortion Group Challenges Texas Informed Consent Law: Court Hearing But No Decision

July 6, 2011
Topic: Pro-Life , Update
A New York abortion group, Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit against a new Texas informed consent law including sonograms before abortions.  The abortion group...