Support Hobby Lobby Tomorrow and Stand Up for Religious Freedom

Tomorrow, January 5th, is Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day.  It is a day for supporters of religious freedom to come out and support Hobby Lobby and its owners for taking a brave stand against the Obamacare HHS mandate and its assault on religious freedom.

Hobby Lobby seeks to operate its business in accordance with Christian principals, but under the HHS mandate, it is now being forced to provide and pay for abortion-inducing drugs, include ella and the morning after pill. At the risk of millions of dollars in fines, Hobby Lobby has refused to give in to the mandate and is suing to stop this unconstitutional mandate.

We believe Hobby Lobby should be commended for its principled stand in support of religious freedom.  No individual, religious organization, or business should be forced to sacrifice their conscience and religious freedom at the altar of government.  Join with Texas Values and other Christian leaders like Mike Huckabee in supporting the Hobby Lobby Appreciation Day.

The Standing with Hobby Lobby Facebook page already has over 40,000 supporters pledged to shop at Hobby Lobby stores or online tomorrow.  Please visit for more information.

Support Religious Freedom in Texas

Strengthening our religious freedom protection is our main priority as we head into the 2013 Texas Legislative Session next week.  Just a few months  ago, Texas Values led a religious freedom rally against the HHS mandate, with hundreds of Texans in attendance at the State Capitol, and we are excited to continue to see momentum building to protect our first freedom in Texas.  Join with Texas Values as we continue to build support for strengthening our religious liberty protection in our state constitution.

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