Straus Supporter Not So Civil & “Jolly” In Victory

Yesterday we released a statement after the successful re-election of Joe Straus as Texas Speaker of the House, as we are focused on passing conservative legislation that Speaker Straus campaigned in favor of for two months, and we are ready to move forward.

But we felt compelled today to bring to your attention one article that got our attention in regards to the Speaker race. Apparently, Joe Straus winning is not good enough for at least one of his supporters.  Below are some are some of the statements posted on “Big Jolly Politics”, a political blog written by David Jennings.  You might find it hard to find anything “Jolly” in his latest post, where he basically brags about Straus winning and uses all types of derogatory words to describe Rep. Paxton, his supporters, and Straus opposers.

Here are some the quotes, they speak for themselves:

“Congratulations to Texas House Speaker Joe Straus! And to the 70, yes 70, Republicans that stood with him under the pressure of relentless attacks from what eventually amounted to a small kennel of Chihuahuas.”

“With the exception, of course, pf the whining lobbyists and kindergarten behavior displaying opponents of the Speaker. Nothing will ever make them proud except perhaps, the next vicious, lying campaign they conduct.”

“Turns out that lightweight doesn’t describe Rep. Paxton very well anyways. Terms such as child, crybaby, whiner, shameful, etc., are much more appropriate.”

“To which I responded, “This is how you do it folks” because some were already whining and complaining.”

Grassroots my a**e.”

“Cathie Adams is an idiot.”

“Kudos to the 70 Republicans for putting these people in their place yesterday. These are the grownups that are going to work with Texas Democrats to keep Texas as the leader of this nation.”

And for the whiners and ’60’s rejects, my they find the dung heap of irrelevance to which they belong.”

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