State Legislators Issue Support for Social Studies Standards, Oppose Any Delay

See here. SBOESupportLetterMay2010

Press Release: SBOESupportRelease5 18 10

Nearly forty state legislators have signed a TCC letter supporting the updated social studies standards, which were approved by the majority of the SBOE in March 2010.  In the TCC letter, members state their support for completing the review process and final adoption of the new, balanced curriculum standards.  

State Representative Rob Eissler (R-The Woodlands), chairman of the House Committee on Public Education and a signatory to the TCC letter, called on the SBOE to proceed:

“The updated standards present a balanced approach to American history and social studies, and they will give students a solid understanding of the founding principles of our nation, including the roots of our nation’s religious, ethnic, and philosophical heritage.” 

Rep. Wayne Christian concluded:  “Delaying a final vote on the updated curriculum standards would be a disservice to the voters who elected this Board, to the members who have diligently served their state, and to the hard work and dedication of the many people who have worked together to draft the updated standards.  The State Board of Education has the full support of the Texas Conservative Coalition as they proceed with final adoption of the update curriculum standards, which will provide Texas public school students with a well-rounded and full appreciation of American history and social studies.”

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