State Hears Testimony Supporting Dignity of Aborted Children

Texans Testify: Don’t Throw Babies Out Like Trash

David testify Department of Health (620-240)On Tuesday, The Texas Department of State Health Services held a hearing on a new rule that ensures the bodies of aborted children will be treated with respect and human dignity through cremation or burial, rather than be disposed of as medical waste. Texans from across the state came to testify concerning the rules, including women who were forced and coerced to have abortions and wished they could have buried their children.

David Walls, Director of Operations at Texas Values testified at the hearing and stated:

“The rules will ensure that the bodies of aborted babies are treated with the respect they deserve and are no longer callously treated like medical waste and disposed of by ‘grinding and discharging into a sanitary sewer system.’ Requiring the bodies and remains of unborn babies to be disposed by burial or cremation upholds the human dignity these children have as image bearers of God…From the horrific treatment of women by abortionist Kermit Gosnell to the exposing of Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts, it is clear that abortionists are far too willing to put their profits above the health, safety, and respect of human life. For this reason the State of Texas must continue to take active measures, like these rules, to ensure the ‘best interests of the public health of Texas are served.”

Charity Farrar, Executive Director of Life Choices Medical Clinic in San Antonio stated in her testimony, “When it was brought to our attention that aborted babies were being ground up, or thrown out like trash, some of the women in my clinic who have had abortions were horrified by the thought that their babies may have been disposed of in this manner. They became physically ill. The decision to end a pregnancy is difficult enough, but knowing that their child might be ground up and thrown out like trash just adds to the anguish of these women.”

Many state officials, groups, individuals, and Texas women testified in favor of the rules including: Senator Don Huffines, Representative Mark Keough, Texas Right to Life, The Southern Baptist Convention of Texas, the Texas Catholic Conference, The Heidi Group, Texans for Life Coalition, Concerned Women for America of Texas, The Justice Foundation, Texas Alliance for Life, and Students for Life of America.

Click here to watch Texas Values’ testimony.

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