Special Session Update: Texas Values Calls for Protecting Children, Fair Play in Women’s Sports, and Pro-Life Issues

Today, Texas Values leadership called for including legislation in the special session agenda called on July 8th that bans harmful gender modification procedures for children, prohibits biological men and boys from competing in women’s sports, and keeps tax dollars and government benefits from going to abortion providers and their affiliates.

Governor Abbott has not yet included specifics about what will be included in the special session call. Election integrity is expected by many to be a focus of the special session, and Texas Values is grateful for the importance placed by Governor Abbott on this issue.

President and attorney for Texas Values, Jonathan Saenz released the following statement:

“A majority of Texans support protecting children from harmful gender mutilation and modification procedures, saving women’s sports from unfair competition, and protecting unborn life. These bills died in the regular session because of those only interested in playing politics and it’s past time that the Legislature addresses them now. These issues need to be on the special session call. We believe Governor Abbott shares our concerns.”

During the regular session, Representative Valoree Swanson filed HB 1458 that would have corrected the issues in women’s sports. The bill had broad support in the House with an astonishing 77 co-authors and joint authors signed on. Despite this overwhelming support, it never received a hearing in the House State Affairs Committee. Senate Bill 29 by Senator Charles Perry was also an option on this issue for the high school level, but died in the Texas House.

HB 1399 by Representative Matt Krause would have prohibited doctors from performing gender transition surgeries and prescribing puberty blockers to children 18 years of age and younger. The bill received a robust hearing in the House Public Health committee. However, after weeks of failing to bring the bill up for a floor vote, the bill was finally scheduled, with barely enough time to meet the constitutional deadline for the Texas House to hear bills and died in large part due to Democrats’ stalling tactics.

SB 650 by Senator Donna Campbell and Representative Candy Noble would have closed several loopholes from last session’s ban on taxpayer dollars and transactions going to abortion providers. This bill passed the Texas Senate but fell short of passage in the House.

Email your elected officials and the Governor’s office and politely ask to include the three issues above on the special session call. We cannot miss this opportunity!

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