Setting the Record Straight on Science: Correcting Some Misleading Media Reports

The media coverage of Friday’s victory for critical discussion of Science and rejection of Censorship has been all over the map, and I don’t just mean the fact that this story was covered by media outlets all over the country.  I mean that if you read more than one report, you might think that Texas Freedom Network and their band of thought police strict Evolutionists from California (Eugenie Scott) and other places got what they wanted.   See here for their distorted explanation.

Click here to see how the other side is describing their defeat.  Also here for the extreme liberal group, NCSE, and its atheist leader
Absolutely not.  Make no mistake, they want no critical discussion of evolution.  When it was clear they were going to lose this battle, they were talking frantically to SBOE member Tincy Miller, who saved them in the early round of this battle in January.  They urged her not to compromise, and she told them that “You have no idea the pressure that we are under-we have got to find some common ground.”  Their reaction was disgust and foul language.

Here’s a fair account of Friday’s incredible outcome, after an opposite preliminary vote on Thursday. 
You’ll see the opposition is still complaining they didn’t achieve their full censorship objective.

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