#SaveOurHistory: Religious Heritage and the Alamo Defenders

American Heritage #SaveOurHistory

Yesterday, Texas Values testified at the State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting in support of continuing to teach about our Judeo-Christian heritage, the First Amendment, the Declaration of Independence, and the heroic defenders at the Alamo.

The rest of this week, the SBOE will continue discussing and begin voting today and Friday on accepting or rejecting the outrageous recommendations by an unelected work group to transform the education standards in social studies and history. These changes would impact millions of Texas students in public schools.

We need you to immediately contact your SBOE member TODAY to reject these changes.

The recommendations include removing the word “heroic” when describing the defenders of the Alamo, removing all references to our Judeo-Christian heritage including completely removing Moses, the role Christianity played in the American founding, religious motives for establishment of the 13 English Colonies, the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, and many, many more key elements of history.

These recommendations are a full frontal attack not only on Texas history, but American history – and must be rejected! View all the proposed changes here.

Please contact the SBOE today and ask them to reject the work group changes and support the continued teaching of our religious heritage. Click here to find your SBOE member.

We ask you to join us in the fight to #SaveOurHistory!

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