Rogue Texas Government Entity Gives Taxpayer Funded Benefits to Same-Sex ‘Spouses’

Austin, TX, June 30, 2015- The Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) announced that same-sex spouses may enroll in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program beginning tomorrow, July 1st. The program extends to all state agency and higher education employees as well as retired employees eligible for the Texas Employee Group Benefits Program. The ERS created a special enrollment period for same-sex ‘spouse’ benefits and currently has over 540,000 participants. Brian Ragland is the current Chair of the ERS Board of Trustees.

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision Friday on same-sex ‘marriage’ but did not specifically order the states have to pay for taxpayer funded same-sex benefits. We are aware of no public meeting or process that resulted in this sudden change by this government entity.

Texas Values President and Attorney, Jonathan Saenz, issued this statement regarding the immediate enforcement of same-sex ‘benefits’:

“It is alarming that this rogue state government entity has bypassed the people and the Texas Legislature to appease ungrounded political correctness. Making such a sudden change to statewide heath and economic policy that involves over 500,000 Texans is outrageous. This behind closed doors decision is out of line. We call on Texas House and Senate members and other state elected officials who share our concern to start asking for answers from ERS immediately. What are they hiding?”

Take Action to Stop Rogue Taxpayer Funded Gay ‘Marriage’ Benefits:

1. CLICK HERE to contact the ERS directly through their website email form.The form is near the bottom of the “Contact ERS” page

2. After submitting an email on the website, we also encourage you to call ERS at 877-275-4377. To talk to a live person you must ignore the first prompt to enter a SS number and wait for the menu options. Once you reach the menu options, press “6” to reach a live person and express your concerns.

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