Revised Social Studies Curriculum Draft Released

The TEA has released the first draft of the proposed revisions to Social Studies curriculum as decided by unelected writing teams.  The contents of this draft are not set in stone and must be approved later this year by your elected State Board of Education members.  The usual Austin liberals have been beating their drum on this issue for months, trying desparately to distort the issue.  Unfortunately, you will probably see from them more/a continuance of hostility towards, and more direct attacks on, some SBOE members because of their religious beliefs.  You’ll even see the liberal media here in Austin helping them get their message out.

What is at stake is whether or not we are going to present to our Texas children, an accurate account of history and society, free of liberal, revisionist bias.

We will have more details next week after we have completed our review of this first draft.

Click here for the TEA link to the first draft.

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