Rep. Dwayne Bohac, Texas Values Lead Effort to Raise Awareness for Texas’ New Merry Christmas Law

Merry Christmas Press Conference 2014 (620-240)AUSTIN, TX – Today, State Representative Dwayne Bohac (R-Houston)  hosted a press conference at the Texas Capitol, to raise awareness for the State’s new Merry Christmas law (HB 308), passed in 2013, that allows parents, teachers, students, and school administrators to celebrate Christmas and traditional winter holidays in public schools without fear of censorship, litigation or persecution.

Joining Rep. Bohac at the press conference were Democratic State Representative Richard Raymond (D-Laredo) who co-sponsored the legislation, Texas Values President Jonathan Saenz whose group launched a statewide grassroots campaign in support of the new law, and Santa Bill from Lone Star Santas (a statewide organization focused on enhancing the spirit of Santa Claus and Christmas).

“We hope the Merry Christmas law will lead to less school districts being naughty and more being nice. Our Merry Christmas Texas effort continues to educate millions of Texas public school students and parents and our over 1,200 school districts of their protections under the Merry Christmas Law and the First Amendment. We want people to know that in public schools, it’s okay to say ‘Merry Christmas’” said Jonathan Saenz, attorney and president of Texas Values.

The states of Tennessee and Missouri have followed Texas and passed similar laws. Numerous other states have made efforts to pass laws like Texas on this matter. Plano ISD has been involved in a lawsuit over Christmas expressions for over ten (10) years.

Last year, Frisco ISD and Austin ISD caused major controversies in their community when they ran afoul of this law. A Frisco PTA email attempted to ban red and green decorations and references to Christmas and Christmas trees. Anderson High School in Austin ISD had its own controversy when administrators attempted to discourage caroling by students for singing Christmas carols and other holiday songs. The school districts changed their tune toward Christmas after citizens and Texas Values got involved.

At Texans can educate themselves about their rights under the Merry Christmas Law.

About Texas Values

Texas Values is a non-profit organization dedicated to standing for faith, family, and freedom in Texas. More information is available at

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