Religious Freedom Vote Results From Texas House

Last Friday, the Texas House of Representatives voted 82-32 on the religious freedom protection constitutional amendment, coming up short of receiving the 100 votes of the 150 House members (2/3rds) necessary  to pass a constitutional amendment. While this is a disappointing outcome as it brings this effort to a halt for this session, we are thankful for your calls and emails to your House members. We’ll continue to work to protect religious freedom across the state and nationwide.

A state religious freedom constitutional amendment would have provided the best guarantee of lasting protection for citizens’ religious liberties in Texas from an overreaching legislature, government bureaucracy, or court. 

 It is interesting to note that seven Republicans voted against HJR 135 and three Democrats voted for HJR 135, on the final vote.  The ACLU also opposed HJR 135.

Since the vote last week on HJR 135, many of you have asked for the results of the vote.  Click here to see how each member of the Texas House, including yours, voted on the religious freedom constitutional amendment, HJR 135.

View the Texas Legislature’s link to the official vote.

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