RELEASE: Court Hearing Doesn’t Stop Heartbeat Law Momentum on its Anniversary

RELEASE: Court Hearing Doesn’t Stop Heartbeat Law Momentum on its Anniversary

Today, a federal court in Texas held a hearing about the Texas Heartbeat Law, based on a lawsuit from the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office and others made arguments in response to the Biden Administration’s lawsuit.  The hearing ended with the judge saying that he would take everything under advisement.

Jonathan Saenz, President and Attorney at Texas Values released the following statement after the hearing:

“Today’s court hearing again shows that while the federal government is trying to mess with Texas with another political lawsuit, the Heartbeat Law continues to gain momentum and court efforts continue to fail. Today is the one month anniversary since the Heartbeat law went into effect and about 4,600 Texan babies’ lives have been saved.  Community centers are responding to support moms and babies in Texas.”

Other states are now considering similar legislation including Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

A heartbeat is a universal indicator of life and a key medical indicator that a preborn baby will reach live birth. The Heartbeat Law requires abortionists to check for a baby’s heartbeat and inform the mother if the presence of a heartbeat is detected, which is currently 6 weeks gestation, although it can be detected as early as 5 weeks gestation.


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