Protecting Marriage, The State Constitution, and Taxpayers

Late last year, Pflugerville I.S.D., under the direction of Superintendent Charles Dupree, became the first school district in Texas to approve same-sex partnership partner benefits for school district employees by creating a “domestic partnership” status. This was done despite outrage by local residents at multiple Board of Trustee meetings.  Homosexual advocates  have been clear that they seek to encourage others school districts in Texas to do the same, using Pflugerville I.S.D. as an example.

We have argued in detail, including in a brief filed with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, that the creation and recognition of “domestic partnerships”  by the Pflugerville I.S.D board or any other governmental entity in Texas is a clear violation of the Texas Constitution. Texas voters amended the Texas Constitution in 2005 to affirm marriage as one man and one woman and to ensure that “[t]his state, or a political subdivision of this state, may not create or recognize any legal status identical or similar to marriage.” The Texas Attorney General’s office has confirmed that it will officially review the matter and issue an official decision sometime before the end of April 2013.

Yesterday, Republican State Representative Drew Springer (R-Muenster) filed legislation that would further protect traditional family values and tax-payers from schools districts like Pflugerville I.S.D. that seek to approve same-sex domestic partnership benefits. Specifically, HB 1568 would eliminate the healthcare funding for any school district that seeks to offer insurance or any other benefits to a person that is not a school district employee or a spouse or child of a district employee.

“This bill is a clear message to every Texas school district, if they mess with the Texas Constitution, it will cost them, dearly,” said Jonathan Saenz, president of Texas Values.

Over 25 members have already signed onto HB 1568.

Read Rep. Springer’s  press release.

Read the full text of HB 1568.

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