Pro-Life Religious Freedom Prevails Over Amplify Austin Policies

Austin pregnancy APRC (620-240)Texas Values congratulates The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center (APRC) and two other faith-based pregnancy centers for women and babies, who made a victorious decision in choosing to stand for their convictions of faith.

APRC withdrew its participation from Amplify Austin, a large 24-hour fundraising drive for non-profits this week, after the organization placed restrictions on faith-based groups. The restrictions included that funds from the event could not go to groups that communicate their faith while helping others or “promote religious doctrine or instruction.”

Funding for the non-profit pregnancy centers is vital to their ability to help pregnant women and babies. However, their purpose to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of these women appeared to be restricted by Amplify Austin’s new policies. APRC has chosen instead to engage in its own fundraising efforts under the title “Take Back Austin.”

After these three groups made their decision to part ways, Amplify Austin made a decision to remove the harmful restrictions and has expressed an interest making amends with the three faith-based pregnancy centers in the future.

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