Press Release: Roe v. Wade Reversal Anniversary – Life Keeps Winning In Texas

Austin, TX – June 24, 2023: Today is the one-year anniversary of the historic Dobbs v. Jackson U. S. Supreme Court decision, that overturned the Roe v. Wade abortion decision, on June 24, 2022. Roe v. Wade is a case that started in Texas. Texas Values filed a legal amicus brief in the Dobbs v. Jackson case, asking the high Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Babies in Texas have now been protected from abortion for one year. We estimate that 55,000 babies’ lives have been saved from abortion since the court decision last year. 

Jonathan Saenz, Texas Values president and one of the most recognized pro-life leaders in Texas, said: 

God bless Texas for protecting over 50,000 babies from the brutal death of abortion. Roe v. Wade was a Texas case, so it’s defeat matters a lot to Texans as this awful connection to our state is no more. The Texas legislature has dedicated over $100 million dollars to support mothers and babies because we are truly pro-life.” 

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Director of Government Relations for Texas Values said:

“The Dobbs decision last summer by the US Supreme Court was monumental because of its recognition of bad legal precedent that stole the lives of so many babies for half a century. Just like Brown v. Board recognized our equality to receive an education, Dobbs v. Jackson recognized the equality of the preborn to protect their right to life. Thankfully, Texas is leading the way by having pro-life laws like the Texas Heartbeat Law and Human Life Protection Act and by having one of the largest funded programs in the nation that makes sure that mothers and babies have the resources they need to make life-affirming choices.”

More information about how mothers and babies can be helped, can be found at 

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