Press Release: LGBT Pressure Groups Sue Texas to Allow Sexualized Shows for Children

Austin, TX – August 3, 2023: Today, a lawsuit was filed against SB 12 by the ACLU and several LGBT groups. SB 12 was passed by the Texas Legislature with bipartisan support this past session to protect Texas children from being exposed to inappropriate and sexualized performances. SB 12 was signed by Governor Greg Abbott June 18, 2023. Law goes into effect September 1st.

Jonathan Covey, Policy Director for Texas Values said: 

“It is inconceivable that the ACLU would seek to take legal protections away from young children to further a political agenda. These highly sexualized performances are completely inappropriate and harmful to minors. While the Legislature’s intent to protect kids is clear, the motivation of these LGBT groups to expose children to sexually explicit shows is not. We will defend this law against any and all frivolous attacks.”

Sexually oriented performances have begun to spring up in Texas in venues generally accessible to children. This trend includes shows containing sexually explicit performances by Drag Queens and other performers.  SB 12 protects kids and allows municipalities to regulate such shows as they see fit.

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