Planned Parenthood Sex Ed with Goverment Funding Controversy Continues

The local community in Nueces County (Corpus Christi) is still outraged over the decision by the Nueces County Hospital District to award Planned Parenthood $70,000 in government funding for PP to conduct sex education in the public schools.  This issue has continued to gain attention as more coverage by the media has followed the unanimous decision of the arrogant and irresponsible NCHD board in September.

Apparently, PP conducts sex education in almost every public school at every level in Nueces County.  This blows an enormous hole in the propaganda study that Austin liberals are circulating, suggesting that “abstinence-only” is all that is being taught in public schools.

A member of the Catholic clergy, a high school student, and a concerned mother have been published in the stories below, just a few of the thousands in the area that are united against the ilicit sex education methods of Planned Parenthood. See the articles below.

For our summary and the details of our significant involvement in this issue, click here.

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