Planned Parenthood or “Planned Promiscuity” in Waco Texas? Texas is “Nobody’s Fool”

Planned Parenthood of Central Texas, is holding their “Nobody’s Fool” event tomorrow in Waco, to teach sex education to kids.  Children as young as Grade 5/10 years old, will be taught sex education at this “outreach” event.

Keep in mind though, representatives of Planned Parenthood in Corpus Christi think that Kindergarten is a good time to start sex education.

Seriously, PP claims in their flyer that they are going to “encourage abstinence.”

Right.  Who are they kidding?  Planned Parenthood supported numerous bills in 2009 that would have destroyed abstinence teaching in Texas and would have banned Texas from receiving federal funds for abstinence teaching.  Click here.

This sham of an event is creating quite the controversy in Waco/Central Texas, as common sense Texans that support Texas values are helping expose the deception of Planned Parenthood.

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