Planned Parenthood Gets $70,000 of Gov’t Funding, for Now

Yesterday the Nueces County Hospital District approved $70,000 for Planned Parenthood to conduct sex education funding.  We presented testimony against this outrageous idea.  Click here for our talking points. We Oppose Government Funding for Planned Parenthood.  Click video link below for summary.

Get this, PP in Nueces County claims they conduct  “abstinence-only” sex education.    And I am sure they execute it with seriousness and accuracy.

Why the skepticism?  Here’s what the national Planned Parenthood leader, Cecile Richards had to say about “abstinence only” just last week here in Texas (taken from online article):

(She also praised the Obama administration’s fiscal year 2010 budget proposal, which would cut funding for abstinence-only sex education. She said abstinence-only sex education is a “political program, and we’re only now beginning to see what it has brought us.”

More shocking details from this meeting will be revealed next week.  Trust me, you won’t to miss it.

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