Planned Parenthood Buddies Attack Abstinence: What a Shock?

Texas Freedom Network, a liberal group founded by the current head of Planned Parenthood and former Chief of Staff of Nancy Pelosi (now that’s liberal), Cecile Richards, has released another one of their propaganda surveys and of course the media is falling all over themselves to report about it.   It should be no surprised that this propaganda survey attacks abstinence.  This group and others like them want kids to have more sex, so they can then have to pay for more contraceptives, STD testing, and abortions, which makes big money for Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the U.S. Texas is an abstinence-based state, not an “abstinence only” state.  Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed or purposely trying to distort the truth.  Section 28.004 (e)(5) makes this point very clear.

See this link for an article where one reporter actually quoted both sides, with our quote.

We’ve already told you about bills that have been filed, attacking abstinence-based education (HB 741).  Now add to that list HB 1567 by Rep. Villareal of San Antonio and Sen. Van de Putte.

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