Perry Delivers “Courageous Conservative,” Pro-Life State of the State Speech

First of all, I apologize for not blogging live during Gov. Perry’s  State of the State speech, as I had promised.  At the last minute, I was invited to sit on the House floor, which prevented me from bringing you the “real time” comments.  Also, I promised to bring you Kelly’s comments by video, which we were not able to, as he had to “jet” back to Dallas quickly to avoid getting iced-in.  However, you can see our joint statement by clicking here.

Gov. Perry first took time to express that the state of our state is strong.  He was joined in the Texas House chamber by Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, Speaker Straus, the Texas House & Senate members, spouses of the the members, Texas Supreme Court  and Court of Criminal Appeals justices, as well as many other statewide elected officials and special guests.  We got to hear all about how Texas is thriving while many others state economies are asking for federal government bailouts and raising taxes.  We’ll be doing things Texas style, according to Perry, by limiting regulation, not raising taxes, all stimulating growth and attracked new businesses to our state, which has allowed us to pull ourselves out from the under the 10 billion dollar deficit that existed in 2003.

He talked about continuing to invest in projects and industries that help bring more jobs and economic prosperity to Texas.  Texas has 1/10 the population of the U.S., yet it has been responsible for 7/10 of the news jobs that have been created across the country.

He wants to continue investment in the Texas High School Project, incentive based programs for teacher funding, and the Emerging Technology Fund for the higher education level.

He also conveyed his support for protection of the voting process by asking for support of voter identification legislation.  At this point, Rep. Senfronia Thompson got up and left the House floor.  I don’t know if this was a coincidence, but I don’t believe she is a fan of voter I.D. legislation.

Last but not least, Gov. Perry voiced his strong support for Adult Stem Cell Research, pointing out that it’s the type of research that we know is effective.  He also mentioned specifically the Ultrasound bill, which requires a woman to be offered an ultrasound image and to be alllowed to hear the heartbeat before an abortion is performed.

Solid Speech.

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