Pass HB 300 Without Local Option Tax, With Choose Life Plates


(Pictured above). Dallas Mayor, Tom Leppert, and others are bussed in from Dallas to rally for more new taxes.  They were met by a counter message- NO NEW TAXES.

We support passing HB 300 with the Choose Life License Plate, but without the local option tranporation tax and fees.  The stand alone bill for the Choose Life License Plate was not allowed to pass out of committee, even though we had the votes on the House Floor.  So, we don’t want to complete “kill” HB 300, we just want the bad Senate Amendment with the local option tax langauge taken out.  That way we can pass HB 300 with the Choose Life License Plate, and other important measure for the state.  Otherwise, there will be exactly ZERO (“O”)  pro-life/pro-family bills passed this session.

A = opposed the local option gas tax and fee amendment

N= supports the local option gas tax and fee amendment

P= Present, not voting

Today, the mayor of Dallas and other officials will be at the Capitol in Austin to stand for the “local option transportation plan,” which is actually is legislation to allow new gas taxes and fees that is currently attached as an amendment to HB 300. To institute this tax, all cities have to do is announce a vote to increase taxes at any time which passes. Since differing versions of this bill have already passed in the House and Senate, a conference committee is now meeting to finalize details before going to the Governor for approval.

You can stand against this amendment by going to the Capitol in Austin tomorrow at 12:30 p.m., or by calling members of the HB 300 Conference Committee and asking them to stand against new taxes!

The members of the conference committee are the following:

Rep. Carl Isett (chair) (R-Lubbock), 512-463-0676,
Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (R-Irving), 512-463-0641,
Rep. Wayne Smith (R-Houston), 512-463-0733,
Rep. Ruth McClendon (D-San Antonio), 512-463-0708,
Rep. Pickett (D-El Paso), 512-463-0596.

Sen. Glenn Hegar (chair) (R-Katy), 512-463-0118,
Sen. John Carona (R-Dallas), 512-463-0116,
Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-McAllen), 512-463-0120,
Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Conroe), 512-463-0103,
Sen. Kirk Watson (D-Austin), 512-463-0114.

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