Parental Rights, Disclosure Protections Added to Newborn Genetic Collection

11:40-HB 1672 passed with Rep. Laubenberg parental and disclosure protections.

11:25-HB 1672 is up-looks like some informal discussion is still on going on the bill, off the mic.  Rep. Crownover is announcing a “compromise” amendment.  Rep. Hardcastle is speaking saying that an “opt-out” provision for parents to to protect parental rights is good.  Rep. Laubenberg has withdrawn her original amendment.

Rep. Laubenberg is announcing the new amendment.  Amendment provides for disclosure of newborn screening and an opt-out provision for parents, which can be completed and left at the hospital, or they can take the form home and mail in afterwards. Amendment adopted.

Rep. Isett and Rep. Laubenberg are discussing the amendment. 

Rep. Hartnett amendment-adult can request destruction of blood/genetic material when they reach age of maturity.

HB 1672, Rep. Crownover’s bill, is expected to come up for a vote by the full Texas House shortly.  See details of the bill and issue below.

Rep. Laubenberg is expected to offer a “parental consent/opt-in” amendment to the bill…

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