New Sex Ed Bill (HB 741) Attacks Abstinence, Promotes Contraceptives

Texas State Rep. Joaquin Castro’s bill, if passed, will eliminate the following sections of the current Education Code:


“devote more attention to abstinence from sexual activity than to any other behavior; emphasize…the emotional trauma associated with adolescent sexual activity…”


It will add the following section:


“provide information about the health benefits, effectiveness, and safety in preventing pregnancy of all contraceptive methods approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration…” (emphasis added)


I don’t understand how this helps kids.  This law forces kids to know less about abstinence, to know more about potential contraceptive methods and pills, and to be told nothing about the emotional effects of sexual activity. 

CLICK HERE to view the text of the bill.

We will be opposing this bill.  We will post more on this if it moves.

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