Media Spotlight: Texas Social Studies Gives Slavery a More Prominent Role?

The reporting on the Texas social studies should be a case study for every journalism student who takes an Ethics course.  We all know of the grossly inaccurate reporting on this issue, and in many cases where flat out false, wrong, untrue information has been used in stories and copied over and over again.

That’s why we set up

Today, an interesting article was brought to my attention, from a reporter that was actually at the Texas social studies hearings in person.  I know because I saw him there and talked with him on several occassions.

His story says: “Slavery was given a more prominent role in history and Thomas Jefferson was added back as a philosopher.”

Wow!  An article that actually says that slavery is not only covered in the standards but that “SLAVERY IS GIVEN A MORE PROMINENT ROLE” IN TEXAS SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS!

Compare that with this title of a recent article on Texas social studies: “How Texas’ School Board Tried to Pretent Slavery never happened and Why Your Kid’s School May Be Next”.  And this article is from a visiting professor at Northwestern’s School of Journalism, Bryan  Moore.

Note to self:  Do Not Send Your Kids to school at Northwestern to study Journalism.

To see liberal bias caught on camera, see the video below as Kathy Miller gets helped by CNN, and then gets the tables turned on her when CNN realizes they were not given accurate information, and Kathy Miller gets caught in an “uh-oh” moment and is embarrased on live nationwide television that aired coast-to-coast and was seen by millions of people.


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