Mansfield ISD Parents Rise Up: “Educate, Don’t Indoctrinate” After LGBT Push Fails

Mansfield ISD school board meeting (620-240)

Last night, parents and taxpayers in Mansfield ISD spoke to their School Board, commending the board for placing a teacher on paid leave after the teacher continued to promote the LGBT agenda to elementary school students. The parents also urged the school board to not adopt any policies that would promote the LGBT agenda, including policies that would infringe on religious liberties and allow boys into girls’ showers, locker-rooms, and bathrooms. Parents in support of the school board’s decision outnumbered those who opposed the board’s decision.

Last year, an MISD teacher was placed on paid leave after parents complained that the teacher was teaching elementary school students about sexual orientation in art class. This was not the first incident in which the teacher had been asked to stop promoting the issue, and parents were rightfully upset that their children were learning about sexual issues, rather than art. The left and the media have twisted the story and are using it to push for “sexual-orientation, gender-identity” policies in the school district.

Angela Martin, a mother in MISD, stated, “I support the school board’s decision to put [the teacher] on leave. It is not appropriate for a teacher to promote the LGBTQ agenda to elementary school, intermediate school, middle school, or high school children, especially without the parental consent. The MISD School Board did the right thing by listening to those parents to stop the promotion of the LGBTQ agenda. Sexual-orientation, gender identity policies are not in state law, nor should they be in the Mansfield Independent School District Policies. If these Sexual-orientation, gender identity policies are put in our schools, I as a parent, would have to make the tough decision and choice to withdraw my students from this wonderful district and make other arrangements, such as homeschool, my children.”

Tanika Dean, a mother in MISD, stated, “One thing that is important to me as a mother is that our children, that their innocence, is protected in the classroom. One thing that I love about this district is that their focus is education. I am also a real estate broker and that is one of our greatest pitches is that our education system and the education we offer here in Mansfield. So I don’t want our children to lose that innocence. They are there to learn. They are there to grow. And again it would be a difficult decision for me to have to withdraw my daughter who loves Mansfield out of the district because she feels uncomfortable with any new policies that would only protect a certain group.”

Robert Thomas, a Father in MISD stated that when his daughter, who is an artist, “comes home and tells me that for her to be creative, that she has to become gay, I have issues. I’m not specifically against anybody or their sexual orientation, or what they believe, but I believe elementary students are too young to have that decision placed on them.

Danelle Essary, a mother in MISD stated, “Boundaries were overstepped. [The teacher was placed on leave] Just as any other staff member who did not follow procedures would be. Parents need to have rights.”

Johnny Smith stated he supports the School Board’s decision and “It is the responsibility of the school district to educate, not indoctrinate.

Brenda, a mother in the district, stated that allowing the LGBT agenda to drive a policy will put her daughter in an uncomfortable situation as it opens the door for the “locker-room and bathroom situation.”

The Mansfield ISD School Board President issued a statement that, “Any review of MISD’s anti-discrimination policy would be handled through the normal processes of our policy review committee. Committee assignments will be made when our new board is in place after the May election. Any recommendations from the policy review committee will be discussed in regularly scheduled board meetings.

If you are in Mansfield ISD, you can still contact the school board and encourage them for stopping the promotion of the LGBT agenda, and urge them to NOT adopt a new nondiscrimination policy:

Place 1 – Michelle Newsom – [email protected]
Place 2 – Beth Light – [email protected]
Place 3 -Sandra Vatthauer – [email protected]
Place 4 – Raul Gonzalez – [email protected]
Place 5 – Karen Marcucci – [email protected]
Place 6 – Darrell Sneed – [email protected]
Place 7 – Courtney Lackey Wilson – [email protected]
Superintendent – Dr. Jim Vaszauskas – [email protected]

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