Liberty Prevailed in 2010: Your Help & Support Made A Difference!

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We are so thankful for the victories of 2010.  None could have been possible without your help.  So many brave and proud Texans stood along side us in so many critical battles.  They were all key to the successes that resulted.

1. U.S. Supreme Court says Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross must stay up.  [youtube=]

2. We helped the Texas State Board of Education Approve Common Sense Social Studies Standards.  Conservative members of the SBOE led the battle to protect Christmas, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, Religious Heritage, Liberty Bell, military heroes, Einstein, Columbus, and American Exceptionalism, and more, when they all came under attack by the liberal left.  The entire national liberal media and a few balanced ones descended on Texas and many of them thought they had Texas on the ropes on this issue until people realized, once a again that the mainstream media and every other liberal blog out there, have an agenda and they cannot be relied on for accurate reporting.  We stood tall for Texas as did so many thousands of other Texans, when the Obama Adminstration and one California eleceted official took dead aim at our State and brave leaders on the SBOE. It was a very emphatic victory for accurate education and sent a clear message that you “Don’t Mess with Texas!!”  Learn more at

Details here. [youtube=]

Reminder: Joe Straus, current Speaker of the House, has said he is considering changing the State Board of Education from elected body (currently) to an appointed board, essentially taking away your vote on these issues.

And here. [youtube=]

3. We helped defeat a court challenge in Texas to our constitutional amendment that defines marriage as one man, one woman.

4. We helped defend the legal rights of grassroots organizations, like King Street Partiots, when they were attacked for trying to protect the integrity of the ballot box.  [youtube=!]

5. We helped defeat a court challenge to the words “Under God” being included in our Texas Pledge.

6. We educated millions of voters for the 2010 elections with our Free Voters Guide.

7. Texas Speaker of the House Race: This issue is long from over but, conservative Texans all across the state have effectively sent a message that they want to be heard on this issue and they want a true conservative for the Texas Speaker of the House.  Due in part a lawsuit we won in 2008 that struck down unconstitutional laws that restricted individual free speech on the Speaker of the House race, Texans all across the state our being heard on this issue like never before.  The Texas voter will no longer be shut out of the Capitol on this critical vote by elected officials.

It was a great year of success for faith, family, and freedom in Texas.  Thanks for your help and God Bless!

FYI-we tripled our numbers for web traffic to this blog, this year, in only the second year this blog has existed.

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