Liberty Legal Releases Statement on Obama Speech, Ready to Defend Parents, More Schools Opt-Out

In light of President Obama’s upcoming speech to public school students on Tuesday, September 8, Free Market Foundation’s legal arm, Liberty Legal Institute, released the following statement regarding parents’ rights:

“In this country, children are not children of the state,” said Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute. “Parents have the authority and will make the ultimate decision as to whether they will allow their child to undergo any such speech and ‘follow-up’ assignment.”

“Intimidation and threats of punishment towards children or parents who choose to opt-out should not be tolerated,” said Jonathan Saenz, attorney and director of legislative affairs. “School administrators should do all they can to respect and be tolerant of a parent’s decision.”

Additionally, Liberty Legal Institute attorneys say that school districts allowing an outside speaker in the classroom could open the forum to require other outside speakers be given equal access. They could open the forum for others to present opposite viewpoints on the issues discussed.

“We stand ready to help any student or parent having any problems exercising their Constitutional freedoms,” said Hiram Sasser, director of litigation. “It’s a lesson in the Constitution we’re happy to teach, if necessary.”

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