Donna Howard SBOE Bill Goes Down In Flames!! Liberals Play Politics with Education, Continue Bashing Republican Majority on SBOE

Let’s be honest, the only reason that the liberal media and a few elected officials are beating up on the State Board of Education is because the SBOE contains 10 Republicans and only 5 Democrats.  Trust me, if the numbers were reversed, there would harldy be a mention of all this inflated and baseless criticism of the SBOE.

Abolish the State Board of Education?  Just another example of liberals showing complete disrespect for voters, as the SBOE is chosen at the ballot box, not in the Texas Senate.  Seriously, why doesn’t a Democrat also file a bill to ABOLISH THE TEXAS HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, since it also enjoys a Republican majority? 

Just a little history, Democrat State Rep. Donna Howard, from Austin, filed a bill last session, not to abolish the SBOE, but to simply remove the party affiliation from SBOE member in elections.  That bill went down in flames in committee and went absolutely NOWHERE.  

Who was one of here biggest critics?  Democrat State Rep. Alma Allen, who’s son, Lawrence Allen sits on the SBOE.  It was real interesting during the hearing on this failed bill last session, when I sat and listened to Rep. Allen basically say that Donna Howard’s bill was a bad idea and it was going nowhere.

Here’s a story that has some balance, none the less.  Once again, the Houston Chronicle reporting better than others.

See below for Who’s in and Who’s out!

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