Legislative Session Begins!

The House and Senate are now in session and as expected, Republican State Representative Joe Straus has been “elected” Speaker of the House for the 81st Texas Legislative Session, by acclamation and in effect, unanimous vote.  Today’s ceremony began under the direction of Texas Secretary of State, Hope Andrade of San Antonio, who was appointed by Gov. Perry this past July.  Daniel Cardinal Dinardo of the Archdiocese of Galvestion-Houston delivered the invocation speaking of “Lord & God” as well as “peace”, and of the “eternal.”

Rep. Jose Menendez made the motion for Speaker Straus, and other members made seconding speeches: Rep. Senfronia Thompson, Rep. John Smithee, Rep. Burt Solomons, Rep. Jim McReynolds, and Rep. Veronica Gonzalez closed out the nomination process.  The most memorable phrase was by Rep. Jim McReynolds who said “we want a workhorse and not a show pony” and he followed such with a comment that was hard to hear but seemed to indicate he believed Rep. Straus would be such a workhorse.  Interesting choice of words, given Straus’ well known connection with horseracing.

And they’re off!


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