League of Women Voters Supports Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Last week, the Travis County Healthcare District (TCHD) held a public hearing to basically let citizens speak about a budget they plan to approve, which includes continuing to use $450,000 of property tax dollars to pay for abortions on healthy women and healthy babies.

Planned Parenthood is one of the three abortion providers that has a contract with TCHD to receive a portion of the $450,000 dollars for tax dollars to directly pay for abortions.  PP’s contract, as well the other abortion providers is only for abortions.  The money cannot be used for any other service that these abortion facilities claim to provide.  Planned Parenthood, of course, testified in favor of this budget, pleading with TCHD to give them taxpayer dollars, because obviously, Planned Parenthood heads don’t believe they’ll be able to raise their own private money from people who say they so strongly support “choice.”

It is worth noting that a League of Women Voters representative testified in favor of tax dollars for abortion,  at this hearing.  You can also see on their website that they support abortion, I mean “reproductive health”.  http://www.lwvtexas.org/iws_detail.php?iwsid=19

You’ll recall, there was a recent press release by the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) slamming the LWV voters as basically an extension of the Democrat party, while trying to bill themselves as a nonpartisan group presenting a neutral candidate forum on two State Board of Education races.  http://www.texasgop.org/news.asp?artid=217

It’s worth noting that it’s one thing to support the “right” of a woman to have an abortion, it’s another thing to say that our tax dollars should be used to pay for abortion.  The latter position is clearly more extreme.  That’s why there is a state law and federal law that prevents tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions on healthy women.

We working on posting the video of the League of Women Voters testimony supporting taxpayer funded abortion.

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