In God We Trust’ on Chopping Block for TX Schools in “Woke” Takeover of Education Standards

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‘In God We Trust’ on Chopping Block for TX Schools in “Woke” Takeover of Education Standards

AUSTIN, TX – The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) will discuss the current state of the review and revision of the Social Studies teaching standards for public schools on Tuesday, August 30. The unelected workgroups — who are reviewing content and making suggestions to the elected SBOE members — have recently come under fire for deleting the national motto “In God We Trust” from the U.S. History standards in high school and adding other “woke” political concepts to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

Mary Elizabeth Castle, Senior Policy Advisor for Texas Values said the following:

“Attacking our national motto “In God We Trust” and other patriotic historical references is a bad idea in Texas.  There’s still time for the State Board of Education to reject the liberal “woke” takeover of our schools and get it right by teaching the real truth.  We will not rest until all teaching about patriotic historical values and Judeo-Christian heritage is restored to American and Texas History teaching.”

Texas Values spoke out at the last meeting against the removal of religious references, the addition of Critical Race Theory ethnic courses, and sexualized content including studying Pride week and GLAAD.

The workgroups have recently published a new document for K-8 students. This new document contains a focus on world religions and forces students to study the LGBT Pride movement in 8th grade. Additionally, high school Sociology consists of many sexualized, pro-LGBT and anti-family standards, forcing students to define controversial terms “gender” and “sexual orientation” and deleting the entire section related to the institution of the family. The sociology course also deletes a standard that compares the stages of development between a male and female.

Topics that have been long taught in public schools like Moses as a historic lawgiver and our First Amendment religious freedom clauses still have not been restored to the high school standards after work groups removed them.

The SBOE will hear public testimony on Agenda Item 1 at 9 a.m. in the William B. Travis Building. Registration to testify before the SBOE is open until 5pm today. The SBOE will have a discussion regarding the standards following public testimony.



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