Gambling expansion in Texas?

At least 11 gambling-related bills have been filed so far in the Texas Legislature.  We have already noticed an increase  (over last session) in talk and discussion around the Capitol on this issue.  Particularly in the Galveston area, which was devastated by Hurricane Ike, gambling is being pitched as a way to revive their local economy.

The reality is that we know any expansion of gambling in Texas will have destructive impact on families and individuals in our state.  In such unsure economic times, the state should encourage its citizens to save more, spend wisely, and investment in themselves.  Encouraging people to “gamble  away their last dollars” with the false hope of getting rich quick will only deepen our economic wounds.

Even Focus on the Family has taken notice and has alerted its supporters about this issue here in Texas.

We oppose any expansion of gambling in Texas and we’ll continue to keep you udated.

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