FoxNews Op-Ed: Texas Social Studies Critics Can’t Handle the Truth

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By our President Kelly Shackelford.  Excerpt:  “Opponents even argued that Texas is anti-religious freedom because students will now compare and contrast the words “separation of church and state” with the actual words of the Constitution. That truly takes the cake. Reading the Constitution – what a concept! One newspaper, surely intending to appear as a bastion of educational brilliance, used that as their example of the board’s “overreach,” even though this addition to the standards passed by an 11-3 bipartisan vote.

I must admit, as a constitutional attorney who has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and even taught the First Amendment at the University of Texas Law School, I am baffled. When did it become bad for students to compare what people say about the Constitution to the actual words of the Constitution? I think reading the Constitution is good and that this addition will be a great service to students.”

Also, go to for more of the REAL facts on the Texas social studies issue.

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