Fox Sports Fires Craig James For Christian Beliefs

SENATE_CRAIG_JAMES (620-250)Religious discrimination continues to rear its ugly head in the Lone Star State. According to reports, Craig James, former NFL player and ESPN Analyst, has been fired after one day on the job from Fox Sports for his biblical views on marriage and sexuality. And the shocking part of the story – he was fired not for comments he made on the job – but for comments he made when he was running for the U.S. Senate (a race that was ultimately won by Ted Cruz). The attacks on the religious liberty of Christians in our state and nation are reaching all-time highs.

While in a candidate debate during the primary season back in 2012, James was asked about his views on marriage and sexuality. James called for leaders to stand up against the sliding “moral fiber” in our nation. He further pledged not to support same-sex unions, stated that he believed being gay is a choice, and explained the biblical view that “…[T]hey are going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions.” To be clear, James’ beliefs are commonly held not just in the Christian community, but among many Americans and certainly many Texans. The reality is that Mr. James should be applauded for honestly sharing his views and standing for righteousness in our culture.

But apparently to Fox Sports, having and sharing Christian views is not acceptable. When trying to explain Fox Sports’ blatant religious discrimination a spokesman stated, “We just asked ourselves how Craig’s statements would play in our human resources department. He couldn’t say those things here.” Well, he didn’t say “those things” while he was at Fox Sports, he stated them in response to a question while running for public office last year. But even if he had, as our friends at FRC noted, it is outrageous to suggest that having an opinion on cultural issues disqualifies you from breaking down football plays.

Marvin Olasky sums up the situation precisely:

“Firing a football analyst because he’s politically incorrect regarding homosexuality, though, is an indication of how our newest crushing orthodoxy suppresses any freedom of speech, and even freedom of thought, in a manner that only the propagandists in George Orwell’s 1984 should love.”

Political correctness in this country is now giving way to outright religious persecution. Whether in the media, in the military, or in business – holding, sharing, and acting upon your beliefs in a manner protected by the First Amendment will increasingly making you a prime target. Just in Texas these last few weeks, we have seen the Air Force punishing Christians for holding the biblical view of marriage, like Senior Sgt. Phillip Monk. And in San Antonio, as we have repeatedly documented, the city council has passed an ordinance attempting to target Christian businesses and that seeks to silence people in city government from sharing and acting in accordance with their faith.

The message from Fox Sports to the City of San Antonio and beyond is becoming increasingly loud and clear – Christians are not welcome.

Take Action:  Contact Fox Sports and Stand for Religious Liberty

Please contact Fox Sports and demand that James be reinstated. No one should be fired for their biblical views on marriage and sexuality.

Standing for Religious Liberty in Texas with Your Support

Religious liberty must be protected in Texas and now is a critical time to stand for religious liberty for future generations of Texans. Please prayerfully consider a generous donation today to help Texas Values expose religious discrimination and stand for protecting religious liberty in Texas.

Image: Dallas News


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