Final Vote on HJR 135 Today, Need Calls Now!

Update: This afternoon the Texas House of Representatives voted 82-32 on the religious freedom protection constitutional amendment, 18 votes shy of passage. Republican Rep. Charlie Geren spoke against HJR 135, the religious freedom protection constitutional amendment.  The ACLU also opposes HJR 135.

It takes 100 votes of the 150 House members (2/3rds) to pass a constitutional amendment. While this is a disappointing outcome, we are thankful for your calls and emails to your House members. We’ll continue to work to protect religious freedom across the state and nationwide.

Late last night, HJR 135, passed 79-45 on 2nd reading, but numerous members were not present.  Today, HJR 135 is scheduled to be taken up for a final vote (3rd reading), but it needs 2/3rds majority because it is a constitutional amendment.  We need 100 votes for this final vote.

Religious freedom is one of our most foundational freedoms, but today this historical right to freely exercise religious faith is under increasing attack by government.  This amendment is needed to provide the best guarantee of lasting protection for citizens’ religious liberties in Texas from an overreaching legislature, government bureaucracy, or court. This may be the best chance we have in the near future to put specific religious freedom protection in the Texas Constitution.

To find our how your member voted last night, click here.

Please call your Texas House member today and ask him or her vote for HJR 135! Please make sure your Representative votes for this important bill! 

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