Exposed: Fort Worth ISD Sex-Ed Curriculum

FWISD hush (620-240)

In another attack on parental rights, the Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) has denied parents access to the district’s 6th grade sexual education curriculum. Thankfully, parents and our friends at Stand for Fort Worth are successfully fighting back against the school district.

Attorney General Ken Paxton recently issued a letter strongly warning the school district to stop violating state law and stating the school district must give parents full access to the curriculum.

Back in 2016, Fort Worth ISD issued “transgender guidelines” that allowed boys into girls’ showers, locker-rooms, and bathrooms. The guidelines also violated parental rights in state law by prohibiting parents from knowing if their child struggled with “gender identity” issues at school. Texas Values worked with parents to help ensure the dangerous guidelines were successfully overturned.

In a post this week, Stand for Fort Worth reveals that the school district refused to let a parent access their child’s workbook which included an assignment with two websites containing information about “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” The parent specifically requested to see their child’s book, but was told it had been “recycled.”

Parents were not made aware that this information would be taught to their children. The sex-ed curriculum was taught to nearly 18,000 6th graders in the school district.

We encourage all parents to thoroughly review the sex-ed curriculum at their child’s school. Far too often, groups like Planned Parenthood and pro-LGBT groups seek to use sex-ed curriculum in schools to advance their agendas.

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