Create an Enduring Legacy with a Gift in Your Will or Estate Plan

Thoughtful people like you who care about ending hunger for all, for good often include a gift to Texas Values in their will, trust or estate plan. This meaningful way to give allows you to help ensure that religious liberty flourishes, families prosper, and every human life is valued.

Recommended Language

To include a gift to Texas Values in your will or trust, simply use the following legal language:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to Texas Values, 1005 Congress Ave, Ste 830, Austin, TX 78701, federal tax identification number ______________, ___% of my residuary estate (or $___, or other property).”

Did you know?

You can provide for your loved ones while also creating a personal legacy of Judeo-Christian values in Texas. Even leaving 99% of your estate to family and just 1% to Texas Values can bring change to communities throughout Texas.

Name Texas Values as a Beneficiary

Another popular way to effect lasting change for vulnerable people around the world is by naming Texas Values as a beneficiary of one or more of your assets. This option is often available with your retirement plans, brokerage or bank accounts, annuities and life insurance policies.

To make this easy gift, request a change of beneficiary form from your account holder and provide the following information:

Legal Name: Texas Values

Address: 1005 Congress Ave, Ste 830, Austin TX 78701

Federal Tax ID#: upon request

A Tax-Saving Tip

Many people don’t know that leaving their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to a loved one may mean leaving them with a significant tax burden as well. By naming Texas Values as the beneficiary of your IRA instead, you can make a lasting difference in the fight for Faith, Family & Freedom while also avoiding those taxes.

Why choose a legacy gift?

You will be remembered as someone whose legacy included saving lives and helping to eliminate hunger for children and families across the globe. Contact us to learn more about establishing your legacy with Action Against Hunger with a gift in your will or estate plan.


If you have made a gift to Texas Values in your will or trust, or if you have named us as a beneficiary of an account, please share your plans by completing this brief form. We would like to ensure your preferences for your gift are honored and welcome you into our Legacy Society.