Dangerous Drag Queen Story Time in Leander, TX

Austin, Texas – Drag Queen Story Time was recently canceled in Houston after 2 convicted sex offenders were found to be involved in the event even though there was a background check policy in place. Now a similar event is taking place at the Leander Public Library. Recently, the City of Leander Public Library rightfully canceled a public Drag Queen Story Time event at their facilities after an outcry from Leander citizens. However, another private group is currently sponsoring the Drag Queen Story Time on June 15th as a private event held at the Leander Public Library. There are still multiple concerns for children’s safety and that having it at the Public Library will lead people to believe it has governmental approval with appropriate safeguards in place.

Drag Queen Story Time is typically a hyper-sexualized event marketed and used to entice young children, ages 3-5, where a man dressed as a woman reads stories which promote exploring topics of sexuality and transgender issues. Many of the readers also perform at homosexual adult venues. Some of the readers have even been known to hold the children in their laps during the event. In Houston, two of the volunteers were convicted of sexual abuse against minors.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values said “Parents should be warned about the potential dangers of these events that are taking place in their own backyards. We urge parents to avoid taking their children to the library on June 15th to protect their safety and innocence.”


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