Activist Dallas Judge Ignores Constitution; Allows Gay Couple To Divorce

A gay couple is attempting to subvert the will of 76 % of Texans and the Texas Constitution to force and impose thier morality on Texas.  Knowing that the Texas Constitution only allows marriage between one man and one woman, this gay couple has now filed for divorce in Texas as way to subvert the Texas Constitution and try to push the issue of gay marriage into the courtroom.

STATEMENT FROM FREE MARKET FOUNDATION PRESIDENT, KELLY SHACKELFORD: “This decision is a shameful display of judicial activism.  The people of texas voted by 75% that marriage was a man and a woman and other attempts to pervert the definition of marriage would not be accepted.  The will of the people of texas should not be disregarded.  We feel confident this will be overturned on appeal.”

State District Judge Tena Callahan, went even further and ruled that the Texas Constitution is unconstitutional.

Click here to read the statement by Texas Attorney General Abbott, sharply criticizing the activist judge’s decision.

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