Dads, You Are Important: Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, dada, daddy, papa, father: the name you’re called as a father may have many variations. You’re also called coach, buddy, pal, hero, cook, world’s strongest man and many other names to fit the setting. It all comes down to this: in the eyes of your children and in their lives, you are very important.  A child has only one father, and you’re the one, you’re special.

Fathers, we want you to also please never forget that in our Texas and American society you’re also very important.

Simply put, Texas values fathers.

Thank you dads for all that you do and will do in the future. Some things we as children may not even realize that we learned from you until we begin raising our own children.  Some valuable lessons and skills you passed on to us may not even come into our minds until after you’re gone. All that you do, fathers, is valuable.  As my father’s only son and a father myself, I learn and appreciate more about this fact every day.

So we encourage all dads out there to know the value of who you are and what you mean to your children.  Take advantage of every day you have here for your children, whether they are young or old.  It’s simply human nature that every child longs to be close to his or her father and you as the father of one child or many, are no different.

Thank you fathers and we hope you have a wonderful and blessed Father’s Day

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