Constitutional Election Day is Tomorrow, Download our Guide Today!

Tomorrow, Nov. 8, is the Constitutional Amendment Election Day, and Texans will vote on 10 proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution. One of our main goals at Liberty Institute is to educate and empower citizens to become active and engaged participants in their government, and one of our most effective tools in helping educate citizens are our free Voters Guides. For the Constitutional Amendment Election, we have put together a non-partisan, educational voters guide that lists a short summary of the proposed amendments while presenting the pros and cons to each in order to help voters make a more informed vote. For more details on the election and to download our guide, visit our recent blog post.  We also have a website,, where you can download this free guide and find all the important information related to the election.  Remember on election day you must vote in your local precinct.

Amending our state constitution is an important responsibility given to the citizens of Texas, and it is a responsibility we must take seriously and proceed with cautiously. An important question to ask when going to vote on amendments to the constitution is “Does this proposed amendment increase the power and size of government or does it increase individual liberty?”.  We encourage everyone to educate themselves on the proposed amendments so that they can cast an informed vote.


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