Conservative Leaders Demand a Conservative Texas Speaker of the House


Texas Speaker Straus at his press conference yesterday, joined by Democrats Senfronia Thompson, Richard Raymond, Aaron Pena, Ryan Guillen, and Republicans Doug Miller, Jerry Madden, Byron Cook, Jimmy Don Aycock, Jim Pitts, Rob Eissler, Tim Klienschmidt, Dan Branch, Todd Smith, Barbara Nash, Charlie Geren, Jim Keffer

Conservative Leaders released a letter, critical of Straus, with the following quote: “Tuesday night’s resounding victory by conservatives in Texas and around the nation was not the result of any particular politician or group. It was the result of citizens rising up and making their voices clearly heard and it should be taken for precisely what it is: a mandate for conservative policy leadership.  The victory of nearly two dozen new conservative Republican legislators reflects the mood of Texas voters on the state’s critical issues. It was a clarion call for conservative leadership in the Texas House leadership that has been absent the past two years. This desire for conservative leadership must be reflected from the Office of the Speaker to every committee chairmanship.”

See the Letter here.  TexansForConservativeSpeaker

Speaker Straus was flanked in this picture by numerous Democrats, showing once again that a major portion of his support is from Democrats.  We have to assume that a major portion of his favor (committee chair appointments) will also go to Democrats.

Any list of names that Straus shows as proof of support should be vigorously questioned.  I have alread talked to numerous members who have said that such list was not recent and was before the election results.  All that has changed, now that Republicans have as many a 99 seats in the Texas House. ClaimedSpeakerSupportList

Is your Texas House member on this list?

Last year in the Texas House, the current Speaker of the House, was no friend to pro-family issues.  The ultrasound bill never got a vote on the House floor, and the Choose Life license plate never received a regular committee hearing, as it was controlled by Democrat, Joe Pickett, who was appointed by Speaker Straus.  Conservatives also had to fight against a dangerous bill attacking the State Board of Education for its decisions on curriculum and textbooks issues, which missed passing by only 2 votes! 

The current Texas Speaker of the House been given money from Planned Parenthood in the past and has made it known, he’s no friend to pro-family issues and he’s also considering taking away your right to vote on the State Board of Education members!

Who does your State Representative support for Texas Speaker of the House?  Call them today!!

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