Christmas Under Fire, Part 1: Texas State Board of Education

This year, the war on Christmas started early when new proposed social studies statewide curriculum standards, unveiled in August, showed that Diwali would be taught instead of Christmas!  The study of Christmas had been dropped from the current sixth grade social studies when students normally discuss major religious holidays, including Easter, Yom Kippur, and Ramadan.  We discovered this absurd change and brought it to the attention of our supporters and the media. Following the immediate public outcry, the State Board of Education chairman announced that the Board wanted to make clear that they were not going to remove Christmas.  While we won this issue, we have to make sure we keep it that way.  There are 15 Board members and they have not yet voted on keeping Christmas in social studies, so there’s still time to make your voice heard!  The Board will vote on this issue in January and we will present testimony!  Click here to take action.

Do you have examples of hostility and intolerance of Christmas in your community?  Email them to

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