Christmas Removal Draws Statewide Attention: Needs Your Attention!

We revealed on Friday how the proposed changes to social studies curriculum strips Christmas out of the current school standards.  We are thankful that this outrageous proposal rightly got the attention of virtually every major newspaper across the state, as well as many television reports and local newspapers and blogs.  The opposition is already in a frenzy because that don’t like it when their views are shown to be so narrow and out of touch with the mainstream views of Texans and Americans.

Excellent comment posted to our blog:

“As a Hindu from India I support having both Christmas and Diwali in the curriculum as festivals that are celebrated in addition to the others. Christmas is a holiday in India and Hindus greet their Christian friends with Merry Christmas and yet I see that people here in the US usually don’t greet each other with Merry Christmas, which I am surprised by!”

For years, Christmas has been as a part of the social studies curriculum.  And just so everyone is clear, this proposed change occurs in Social Studies, Grade 6. If this proposed change, to remove Christmas, is adopted by the State Board of Education, it will be in place for ten years, and Texans will have to wait at least that long to change it back.  

So the time to act is now.  Contact your State Board of Education member and tell them you want to keep Christmas in Social Studies.

NOTE: The proposed change also removes Rosh Hashanah.  We also support keeping Rosh Hashanah in the Social Studies curriculum.  

Also, we are not opposed to adding Diwali to the Social Studies curriculum.  Just don’t strip out Christmas in the process.

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